Valley Pass FAQ

Valley Pass FAQ

What is Valley Pass?

Valley Pass is the club’s new premium video and audio subscription service. Subscribers will be able to access exclusive content, a large video archive as well as matchday commentary.

How can I watch Valley Pass?

Valley Pass will work on most modern desktop website browsers as well as on most modern smartphones and tablets.

Who do I contact if I have problems?

 For accounts and billing enquiries please email . Please note this mailbox is monitored by the video site host StreamAMG.

 For feedback on Valley Pass please email Please note we are unable to offer support for Valley Pass over the phone.

I'm having problems watching on Internet Explorer, what do I do?

Internet explorer has now been replaced with Microsoft's new browser Microsoft Edge. Microsoft will not be updating Internet Explorer any further so we therefore recommend updating your browser to Microsoft Edge or using alternative browsers such as Firefox, Safari or Chrome.

 What happens to CAFC PlayerHD?

CAFC PlayerHD will end on June 30th 2017. All refunds have been/will be dealt with centrally by the EFL.

Do I need to cancel my CAFC PlayerHD account?

All CAFC PlayerHD accounts will be automatically terminated and there is no need to cancel your CAFC PlayerHD account.

I subscribed to CAFC PlayerHD, will I automatically be subscribed to Valley Pass?

CAFC PlayerHD was run by the EFL so due to data protection rules we can’t transfer CAFC PlayerHD accounts over to Valley Pass so you will need to re-subscribe to Valley Pass.

Do I have to pay for Valley Pass?

Parts of Valley Pass will be free for subscribers and you will only need to login to view content. Other parts will be behind a paywall including commentary where minimum prices we can charge are set centrally by the EFL.

When do I pay for a subscription?

You can pay for subscriptions monthly, seasonal or purchase a 48 hour matchday pass (league/cup games only unless advertised).

What happens with matchday commentary?

Matchday commentary from every competitive match home and away will be covered on Valley Pass.

I can’t make a match and want to listen to commentary for one match, how can I do this?

A special matchday pass is available for just £4 which will give you access to the site for 48 hours, giving you time to listen to the commentary and tune in the next day to watch the highlights.

How big is the archive?


No seriously how big is it?

We will be updating new content to the archive regularly with over 2000 videos already on the site. At present fans can watch short highlights from every competitive match back to the 1988/89 season, as well as season reviews, club-produced videos and highlights from special games dating back to the 1940s.

Check back regularly as we digitalise more old videos for the site.

What about more recent season reviews?

Season reviews have been produced since the late 1980s, so whilst we recognise that some of the recent seasons might not provide fans with the greatest entertainment, it’s important to continue the tradition which is important to many fans. Therefore season reviews for the previous seasons will be put into production in the future. An announcement will be made in the future when they do go into production.  

How does the archive search work?

You can be as vague or precise with the search as you want to be. By selecting between team, content, season and opponent hundreds of combinations are possible. For example if you want to find all the highlights against a specific opponent it’s possible or if you want to find a specific match in a specific season it is also possible.

What is the number ahead of the highlights?

This indicates the match it was in that season, for example if a game is labelled as '06 HIGHLIGHTS' this means it was the 6th game in that season.

Are Charlton Athletic part of the iFollow video platform?

Charlton Athletic are not part of the EFL’s digital platform and therefore not part of the iFollow video service.

Plans are currently being reviewed regarding live streaming EFL League games abroad, and although there are no plans currently to live stream abroad in the 2018/19 season, the club will regularly review this. 

It is the intention of the club to look into live streaming games abroad in the future.